What's this site is all about?

This site's goal  is to explore the possibility of expanding the philosophical foundation of the Object Oriented Design methodology (assuming of course that there is such a foundation…).

We would like to show that the current philosophical concepts, underlying the object-oriented design are not exclusive, and sometimes, replacing them with other philosophical concepts, may assist us in finding a solution to a software design problem.

We are basing our exploration upon our own format of a Design Pattern, the familiar and so-often-used software design utility. This new format, which we call a Philosophy-Based Pattern, is consist of the following parts:

  • Purpose – a short description of the kind of design problems that the Philosophy-Based Pattern should cope with.
  • Motivation – the motivation definition, based on an example of a software design problem.
  • Philosophical Background – a brief discussion about some of the insights that the world of philosophy has gained regarding the problem at stake.
  • Current Philosophy-Based Pattern – a description of the philosophical idea that functions as a model for how things are done today. 
  • Suggested Philosophy-Based Pattern – a pattern suggesting an alternative philosophical idea to become, in certain cases, the model for design solutions.
  • Implementation Example – a demonstration of an implementation of the suggested Philosophy-Based Pattern.

Following are some examples of the described philosophy-based pattern.